Link to Your Online Event Calendar

Make sure that any Events that you want showing on your website Calendar have the "Display on Website Calendar" set to either "Open Dates Only" or "Open and Booked Dates". This is near the bottom of the Summary tab for each Event TYPE.

The Event Calendar is a simple hyperlink. The codes below will launch the Event Calendar onto a new webpage. To add the link which launches your Event Calendar, insert the following HTML into your website editor, remembering to substitute YOUR ORG ID in place of the XXXXXX:

If you are using a website editor that simply asks you for the "hyperlink" or "website URL" or "website address" to link to, then highlight your desired text or image and use this code in the blue box as the link. Also, set the target to "link to another webpage" and "open in new window":

If you are using a traditional hard-coded web editor, use the HTML code in this gold box. This example uses the text View Our Events Calendar for the display link, but you may change it to any text phrase or image that you prefer by replacing that section in the code below:

<a href="" target="_blank">View Our Events Calendar</a>

If you would prefer to embed the calendar directly on your webpage, and you are knowledgeable of using inline frames (iframes), you can use an <iframe> having the URL src above, with a width of approximately 800px and height of approximately 700px. (Jackrabbit does not provide coding assistance for iframes - please contact a web developer).

We also recommend you add our "badge" - it's easy and lets your customers know you are using current technology. Our Jackrabbit Badge page has instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  My event isn't showing up on the online calendar - why not?

A.  On the Event Type Summary tab, make sure "Display on Website?" is set to either "Open Dates Only" or "Open and Booked Dates", and that the Status of each individual event is either Open, Unavailable, or Notice. Also, make sure the Event date is a future date as past events do not show at all (with the exception of Notices which can be set to be shown all month).

Q.  My website editor is a Content Management System (CMS) that uses "plug-ins". What do I do? 

A.  Plug-ins aren't used. You will link to the Event Calendar using the link code (above) or toggle your webpage editor to the HTML "mode" or "source" and input the hard-coded link there.  

Q.  Can I use HTML tags in Class Name, Class Description, Event Name, etc?

A.  No. Because Jackrabbit is web-based, we strongly oppose the use of HTML tags in any data field.  It has the potential to cause severe issues within the application.

Q.  I need an API (Application Programming Interface) for Events, does Jackrabbit offer this?

A.  Jackrabbit doesn't offer an API or web service allowing programmatic access to your database for Events. Jackrabbit does offer a JSON API for classes - see the information for web developers at the bottom of the Class Listings Tables page.