Staff Training Options

Jackrabbit offers several training options including a self-guided training system for you or your staff, a Jumpstart Coach Program, classroom trainings across the US and Canada, and live and on-demand webinars.

Learn Jackrabbit Using the Jackrabbit Training System

The Jackrabbit Training System is intended for any business who needs a focused process to follow in order to master the core functions of Jackrabbit. 

Each lesson in the system includes a quiz that feeds results to an assigned email address. A Jackrabbit database, separate from your own, is provided to allow trainees to practice as they are working through the lessons without affecting your data.

  • Onboard new staff with lessons organized by User Role to cover Jackrabbit features important to their job function.
  • Provide learning and development opportunities to existing staff.
  • Strengthen your own understanding of all things Jackrabbit!

See the Supervisor Instructions article for information to give your trainee before they hop into the Jackrabbit Training System.

Other Training Options

Jumpstart Coach Program

Jackrabbit is dedicated to setting your database up for success. You will be assigned a Jumpstart Coach to walk you through the initial setup. Click here to learn more.

Virtual Classroom Training

Attend a virtual classroom training and benefit from an experienced instructor and a virtual room full of other Jackrabbit Users. Click here to learn more.

Webinars - Register Live or Watch On-Demand

Live and On-Demand webinars covering Jackrabbit's hottest topics! Click here to learn more.