Student Skills/Levels

Student Skills, also called Levels, can be used to show student progress for skills learned in class.

Student Skills/Levels - An Overview

Track and report on your students' progress with the Skills feature.

Skill/Level Categories

These drop-down values are used to group or classify Student Skills/Levels.

Create Skills/Levels

Skills/Levels must be created before they can be added to a class.

Delete Skills/Levels

Go to the Manage Skills/Levels menu option (Classes > Skills) to delete a skill and its subskills.

Add Skills/Levels to Classes

Once you have created your skills/levels you can add them to classes.

Add or Update Student Skills/Levels Individually

Skills can be added for an individual student from the Student record, Skills/Levels tab, using the Add Skill/Level button.

Add or Update Student Skills/Levels in Mass

Save time by updating student skills/levels in mass.

Delete a Student's Skills/Levels

Go to the Skills/Levels tab in the Student record to delete an individual student's skills.

Student Skills / Levels in the Staff Portal

Staff can track the Skills/Levels of the students enrolled in their classes without having to have access to your Jackrabbit database.