Send Emails

Email is an excellent way to share information with your students, parents, contacts, and staff.

Email in Jackrabbit - Overview

Learn all about email in Jackrabbit, including email guidelines, opting out, sending mass emails, and more.

Messaging Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure your messages are received by your audience.

Opt-out of Mass Emails (Student and Contact)

Jackrabbit gives your customers the option to opt-out of mass email marketing.

Zippy AI - Your Jackrabbit Email Assistant

Leverage ArtificiaI Intelligence to make writing emails easier and faster than ever.

Send an Individual Email

Learn the ways to send an individual email to a family or staff member.

Send a Mass Email (Email a Group)

These articles provide you details for the different ways to email a group.

Schedule an Email - Send Later

Emails can be scheduled to sent up to 90 days in the future.

Email Attachments and Images

These articles provide email help for attachments and images.

Email Templates

Email templates can be customized and copied to save you time and effort.

Email Reports

Search for emails, view sent emails, and check for scheduled emails with the articles in this section.