Set Up Classes that Meet Multiple Days at Different Times

When creating a class, Jackrabbit allows you to select multiple days of the week that a class meets but it assumes that the class is held at the same time each day. What if your class on Monday meets at 4:30 pm and the same class on Wednesday meets at 7:30 pm? How should you set up these classes in Jackrabbit?

Using our example above, you would have to create separate classes for each day and time:

  • One class that meets Mondays at 4:30 pm
  • One class that meets Wednesdays at 7:30 pm
Name the class in a way that helps families know there is a set of classes they should enroll their students in. For example, Advanced Tumbling - Mon - 4:30 pm - Class 1 of 2 and Advanced Tumbling - Wed - 7:30 pm - Class 2 of 2. For more naming tips, click here.

In the description field of each Class record's Summary tab, include details explaining that the class is part of a set of classes and students must enroll in all. For additional instructions, check out the Help section on Classes/Lessons.

Creating a class for each day allows you to see the classes on your Weekly Calendar on the correct day and in the correct time slot. This is most helpful to make sure you haven’t double booked any of your rooms or instructors.

Tuition Settings for the Classes

Since the classes are counted separately in Jackrabbit, assign the full tuition fee to one class (e.g. Monday) and enter zero as the tuition fee for the second class (e.g. Wednesday). 

  • If you offer multi-class discounts, set the Monday class with a discount rule and the other with no discount. 
  • If you prorate tuition, prorate only the Monday class. 

These settings will ensure you are not over-discounting or over-prorating tuition. Check out the Help article, Post Tuition Fees, for more details. 

Enrollment for the Classes

After your classes are created with the correct settings, encourage parents to enroll their students from the Parent Portal. You may have some parents that forget to enroll in the 2nd or 3rd class. Office staff can enroll students in additional classes as needed. It is always best practice to review enrollments and confirm students are in the correct classes. 

Note: Be mindful of search criteria when using enrollment reports. If these classes are included in the search criteria, enrollment numbers will be skewed as it accounts for the student’s enrollment for each class. 

If you have questions about the information included in this article, click theicon in Jackrabbit to request assistance from our Support Team.