User Permissions for Mass Drop All Classes

Several User Permissions control the ability to Mass Drop All Classes from a Student record or a Family record.

User Permissions play a crucial role in protecting your data by controlling who can access, modify, or perform specific actions in your system.  Review Protect Your Account - User Permission Guidelines for more information.

To adjust a User's permissions, go to the Gear icon > Settings > Users & Permissions > User IDs (click on a UserID) > User Permissions (left menu) to set these permissions. Note: If a User is logged in when changes are made to their permissions, they'll have to log out and back in for the changes to take effect.

Permissions Related to Mass Drop Classes

CategoryUser Permission
Enables access to
StudentsList StudentsAll Students from the Students menu.
View Student PageView and edit the details of a student. Use the Row menu icon> View/Edit to go to a student's record.
Drop StudentThe User can do the following:
  • Use the Mass Drop Classes button in a student's record to drop all classes for a student.
  • Use the Mass Drop Classes button in the Classes tab of a family's record to drop all classes for all the students in the same family at one time.
FamiliesList FamiliesAll Families from the Families menu.
View Family PageView and edit the details of a family. Use the Row menu icon> View/Edit to go to a family's record.
Transactions TabThe Transactions tab in a family's record.
ClassesMass DropMass drop students from a class.
Edit WaitlistThe Trash Can icon from the Wait List tab of a class record to delete a student from the list.

See Permissions for Jackrabbit Users for more information.