Prevent Makeups from being Scheduled in a Class

When you track absences and you allow makeups, you may not want to open up all of your classes for makeups. There may be some classes you don't want students to be able to schedule a makeup in. For example, you allow makeups to be scheduled in your recreational classes but not your team classes. 

In the Class record on the Summary tab, the Allow Makeups in Class setting can be used to prevent makeups from being scheduled into it. 

When a class is created, this setting defaults to Yes, allowing students to be scheduled into makeup classes in it. Users with the User Permission Edit Class Summary Tab (Classes category) can change the setting to No to prevent makeups.


  • Use Edit All Classes to update the Allow Makeups in Class setting for multiple classes at once.
  • List classes based on whether or not they allow makeups using the Allow Makeup in Class filter on the All Classes page.
  • The Allow Makeups in Class setting will only display on the Class record > Summary tab if:

    - Jackrabbit is set to track absences


    - Eligibility for Absences is set to either Select with Each Absence or Always Allow Makeups in your Organization Default Settings - Makeup Settings.