Guided Staff Portal Setup

Complete the set up of your Staff Portal in 5 steps

Guided Staff Portal Setup - 5 Steps to Get You Going!

Jackrabbit offers a guided setup process that steps you through 5 tasks to quickly get your staff ready to log into the Staff Portal.

Staff Portal Setup Step 1 - Match Staff to User ID

Match Staff to User IDs allowing your staff to have one set of login credentials for your Jackrabbit database and Staff Portal

Staff Portal Setup Step 2 - Auto Assign Portal Login ID

Assign Staff Portal Login IDs to staff members that will only use the Staff Portal

Staff Portal Setup Step 3 - Send Portal Login Email

Send staff members the Staff Portal login email to assist them with logging in to the Staff Portal for the first time

Staff Portal Setup Step 4 - Customize Staff Settings

Customize individual staff settings for your staff to determine what tasks they can complete in the Staff Portal

Staff Portal Setup Step 5 - Customize Staff Portal Settings

Customize some general Staff Portal settings including those specifically related to Attendance, Skills/Levels, and Time Clock features