Post a Non-Monetary Credit to an Account (Family)

Payments (credits) such as Groupon, Fundraising, Gift Certificates, etc.

Account Credits (Non-Monetary) - An Overview

Jackrabbit defines an Account Credit as an amount that is posted to a family's account to reduce their balance owing without any exchange of money.

Set up Drop-down Lists for use with Account Credits

Before you record an account credit, update your drop-down lists to allow you to report the credit separately from your actual income.

Post a Credit - Miscellaneous Credit Example

Step through an example of working with a miscellaneous account credit.

Post a Credit - Groupon Credit Example

Follow these steps to post a Groupon credit, link it to the tuition fee, and review the balance that remains on the account.

Post a Credit - Fundraising Credit Example

Follow these steps to post a fundraising credit to an account with an existing balance.

Reports for Account Credits (Non-Monetary)

Use the Deposit Slip report to generate a report detailing account credits.

Find Unapplied Credits and Apply to Fees

Learn about unapplied credits and how to apply them to fees.