Add Additional Store Accounts

Jackrabbit is preset with one standard Store account which operates as a general account to enter transactions that are not recorded on a family account. You'll find it looks very similar to a family account (except for it only has Summary, Transaction, Notes, and Resources tabs). Display a listing of Store accounts by going to the Store (menu) > Store Accounts.

Add additional Store accounts by going to Store (menu) > Add Store or by clicking the Add Store button in Store (menu) > Store Accounts. If you have multiple Locations in Jackrabbit, you may want to create a store for each Location. Enter the new store name, check if it's a duplicate, and select the Location. After clicking Save, the full store account page opens so more details can be entered.

If you decide not to use a Store account, use the Pencil icon to make the store inactive, by changing the status, or delete the store using the Trash Can icon.