Add a Family Directly to the Lead File

Adding a family directly to the Lead File offers you the option of maintaining prospective customer information without incurring additional Jackrabbit subscription fees.

Add a Family to the Lead File

  1. Go to the Families (menu) > Lead File.
  2. Click Add Lead in the left menu.
  3. Enter Family Name.
    • If the name sounds familiar to you, consider clicking the Duplicate? button on the right. This will tell you if the family name you've entered duplicates a family name already in your Lead File.
  4. Enter an Email for the family.
  5. Click Save or Save & Add Another Lead to create the Lead File record.
  6. Add any additional information in the newly created Lead File record.
  7. Click Save Changes.

    Note: If you are adding a family to the Lead File with more than one student, first add them to your main Jackrabbit database and then use the Lead File button to archive the Family record to the Lead File.