Send Texts

Integrate with a text messaging provider to text families, contacts, students, and staff through Jackrabbit.

Texting in Jackrabbit - An Overview

Jackrabbit integrates with text messaging providers so you can send text messages to your customers through Jackrabbit.

Messaging Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to ensure your messages are received by your audience.

User Permissions for Text Messaging

These permissions control the ability to send text messages.

Get Set Up for Text Messaging With Twilio

Follow these steps to get Jackrabbit set up to start texting with Twilio.

Opt-In Contacts & Students for Texting

Permission is required from students and families to receive text messages from your organization.

Opt-Out Contacts & Students for Texting

Contacts and students can opt-out from receiving text messages from your organization.

Opt-In / Opt-Out Staff for Texting

Staff members have the option to opt-in for texts or opt-out from receiving text messages.

Send Text Messages

There are multiple ways to send text messages through Jackrabbit.

Replies to Your Text Messages

If you send a text that requires a reply, you'll receive a reply, by email, to the email address(es) you designate.

Text Messaging Reports

These reports provide you insights into who texts were sent to, which texts were undeliverable, and who opted in to receive texts.