Who's Scheduled To Be Here Report

The Who's Scheduled To Be Here report offers a quick way to list all students enrolled in classes on a specific date. This report can be accessed from the Students (menu) > Student Reports or the Reports (menu).

  • The Family balance can be displayed on this report, giving you a heads-up on anyone expected that day who may have an account that needs attention.
  • Quickly notify students expected at your facility of any disruption to classes that day with the ability to email, text, or send push notifications from the report results.
  • Use the Legend filter to identify and display all students first day of class (highlighted in yellow).
  • Select Enroll Type to identify students who are Trial, Drop-in, and Waitlist students.
  • Be sure to check the Date of Birth (DOB) column, and you won't miss a student's birthday!

Search Criteria and Display Settings

Search for students based on Location, Enroll Type, Session, Category 1, Instructor, and Date. Optionally include students with scheduled absences or students who are scheduled to be there for a makeup class.

Display settings allow you to control whether you want to see all classes or just the first class of the day and whether or not you want to include student skill/level information. 

When Show Skill/Level is set to Yes, skills assigned at the class level are included. Skills assigned directly to students are not included in this report. 

You can customize your report by including additional information in the grid, such as the Primary Contact or Family Balance, and sorting the order results in the grid.

If your database is set to tracking attendance vs tracking absences, the Include Absences and Makeups section will not be included in the criteria options.

Report Results

The report results can be further customized to show/hide columns, sort columns, or modify column widths. You can send emails, push notifications, or text messages and print directly from the report results. 

Click the Legend links to filter the grid to show All (24) students, or click the First Day in Class (2) to filter the grid to display only first-day students highlighted in yellow.

Save time and effort each time you open a grid page to view your data! After you have edited column settings and set the grid column widths, you can save the filtered data as a Favorite. A saved Favorite can be set as a default view and shared with other Jackrabbit Users in your organization.

Use the icons in the upper right to work with the information in the grid.

  • Adjust Columns - click Adjust columns > Squeeze gridto view the entire grid on the page.
  • Send a Message (Email, Push Notification, Text Message) - leave the 1st column unchecked and click on the Send Message (icon)to message all students in the grid. Or you can select a single student or group of students in the 1st column to message.
  • Refresh the data - click the Refresh Grid (icon) to update results in the grid if you make updates.
  • Print or Export to Excel - click the More (icon)to print or export the data to Excel.

Note: Depending on the width of the report, reduce the size/scale of the report so all the columns print. 

Refer to Work with Reports - Grid Style for additional grid information.

Save this as a frequently used report! Click the Heart iconnext to a report name, the heart will change to redand the report will be listed under the Reports menu > My Reports for quick and easy access!