Review Recent Transactions - ePayments

Processing multiple ePayments at once is a time saver for sure. You can even take it one step further and schedule ePayments to process later! Whether you are processing multiple ePayments now or scheduling them to process later, reviewing those transactions is an important step.

Permissions control the ability of your Users to see certain data and take specific actions. Recent Transactions - ePayments requires the Transaction Search permission in the Reports category. Learn more about Permissions for Jackrabbit Users.

Recent Transactions > ePayments under the Transactions menu is definitely a tool you want in your toolbox! 

It provides a listing of all ePayments processed using Process ePayments under the Transactions menu whether they were processed now or processed based on a scheduled task. 

To get a complete picture of ALL ePayments processed through your Jackrabbit database, go to Transactions > Search and set the ePayments criteria setting to All.

What Does Each Column Describe?

Ran On

The Ran On date is the date and time the ePayment processing occurred.


The Operation column describes the type of ePayment batch:

  • Manual (When Process Now is used)
  • Task (When Process Later was used to create a scheduled task)
    • The name of the scheduled task is listed.

Use the link to review the Payment Settings, Family Criteria, and Transaction Criteria that were selected when the ePayments were created.

Processed Transactions

Processed Transactions are those ePayments that were selected to process (vs the number of fees that were captured according to the criteria and settings that were selected).

Total Transactions

Total Transactionare the ePayments that were pulled into the posting based on the criteria and settings used, including those that did not process.


The Source tells you where the processing was generated.


The Details link provides access to the details of the ePayment transactions.