Accounting Controls in Jackrabbit

Internal accounting controls are the policies and procedures used to:

  • Ensure accuracy and reliability in financial reporting
  • Safeguard company assets

Many small business owners assume internal control systems are only needed in larger organizations, however, these functions are crucial for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

While many accounting controls are procedural, Jackrabbit can support the implementation of controls related to your data with various system access controls.

Controlling access to your data with User passwords and User Permissions and having access to User activity logs can keep unauthorized users out of Jackrabbit while providing a way to audit the usage of the system to identify the source of any errors or discrepancies.

User Permissions & Access Restrictions by Category 1 or Location

User Permissions and Access Restrictions allow you to control what a User ID can see and do in your database. Click here to learn more about User Permissions.

It is not possible to 'close your books' in Jackrabbit, i.e. lock transactions dated before the closing date. Limit Users with the "Edit Transaction" permission to senior staff or management to reduce the chance of edits being made to transactions that are dated prior to your closing date.

User Activity Logs

User activity in Jackrabbit is logged and can be accessed through a User ID's profile directly, or from the Search User Activity report located under the Reports (menu) > Find Reports > enter Search User Activity in the Keyword Search field > Search User Activity to view the activity of all User IDs.

Click here to learn more about User activity logs.

For control purposes, it is important to know when a transaction has been edited or deleted. User activity logs can provide this insight.

Staff Portal

Jackrabbit's Staff Portal offers you another way to protect your sensitive family and financial data. With Staff Portal access, Instructors don't need access to your database to manage their classes.

Click here to learn more about the Staff Portal.