Link to Your Parent Portal

Access to your Parent Portal can be added to your website using a simple hyperlink (no plug-ins required or needed). The best place to add the link is in your website Header so it's accessible from every page on your site.  If you can not alter your header, then the Home page and any Registration pages should be used. Make it noticeable and encourage your clients to use it often to manage their account.

When you add the codes (HTML) below to your website, the link will launch the Portal Login in a new window.

Remember to substitute YOUR ORG ID in place of the XXXXXX. 

If you are using a website editor that simply asks you for the "hyperlink" or "website URL" or "website address" to link to, then highlight your desired text or image and use the code in the blue box as the link. If prompted, also choose "link to webpage" and "open in new window": 

If you are using a traditional hard-coded web editor, use the HTML code in the orange box. This example uses the text "Existing Parent Portal Login" for the display link, but you can change it to any text phrase or image that you prefer by replacing that section in the code below: 

<a href="" target="_blank">Existing Parent Portal Login</a>

Here are some examples of labels for the Parent Portal login:

  • Parent Login
  • Existing Customer Login 
  • Current Students Portal
  • Manage Your Account

We also recommend you add our "badge" - it's easy and lets your customers know you are using current technology. Our Jackrabbit Badge page has instructions.

Do NOT embed the portal login directly into your webpage. You must LINK to the login page. 

WEB DEVELOPERS: Please note that the Jackrabbit Parent Portal is a hyperlink to our own SSL application. We do not recommend nor support embedding the Portal Login directly onto your webpage (via iframe or another method), because it then becomes subject to browser security restrictions. Our Parent Portal Login is under SSL, and most browsers do not share sessions or cookies across domains and do not like mixing SSL and non-SSL pages. Having the Portal login embedded into your own webpage can cause customer "session time out" errors (and other errors as well). Also, Jackrabbit does not support SAML.