General Staff Portal Settings

There are several general settings that affect the Staff Portal as a whole. These settings are edited from the Staff (menu) > Staff Portal > Portal Settings.

Staff Session Timeout Limit 

Select a duration of time (between 5 min and 8 hours) after which your staff will be logged out of the Portal if they have not been active.


Choose which Portal features you want to use. Select the Attendance, Skills/Levels, Time Clock, and/or Lesson Plans feature by adding a checkmark to the corresponding box. 

When the Staff Portal is launched remotely (through a URL) as opposed to from within your database (Staff menu > Staff Portal > Launch Staff Portal), staff are automatically able to:

  • See all News (My News, Department News, and Staff News)
  • View and print their schedule of classes and events
  • View details of their classes (no information on enrolled students or contact information)
  • Email the contacts of enrolled students (if their individual Staff Portal Settings allow them to send emails)

To allow staff to update information for a feature in the Portal when it has been launched remotely, set Allow Remote (feature name) to Yes (the default is No). 

For example, to allow a staff person to not only view and print their schedules but also enter their time when they are accessing the Portal remotely, set Allow Remote Time Clock to Yes.

The Launch the Staff Portal topic covers remote access in more detail.

Family & Student Display Options

Use this section to customize the information displayed in the Staff Portal on the Student List Page and the Additional Info page (accessed using the Details link). 

Student List Page

Additional Info Page

Setting the right Staff Portal permissions for your Users is very important! Click this link to review the Staff Portal User Permission Requirements.