General Staff Portal Settings

There are several general settings that affect the Staff Portal as a whole. These settings are edited from the Staff Portal menu > Settings > Portal Settings.

There are several User ID permissions that control a User's access to the Staff Portal menus and reports. To edit a User ID's permissions go to Tools > Edit Settings > User IDs. Click into the User ID and select User Permissions from the left menu. Scroll down to the Staff Portal permissions section to add/remove these permissions.

Staff Session Timeout Limit 

Select a duration of time (between 5 min and 3 hours) after which your Staff will be logged out of the portal if they have not been active.


Choose which portal features you want to use. Select the Attendance, Skills/Levels and/or Time Clock feature by checking the corresponding box. To allow staff to update information for a feature in the portal remotely select Yes (this is defaulted to No). Remote access is covered in more detail in the Launch the Staff Portal topic.

Family & Student Display Options

Use this section to customize the information that is displayed in the Staff Portal on the Student List Page and in Show Additional Info (More button).