Family Paid Early in Error (with Credit Card), the Fees are Still Due (Refund Example)

A family owes $75.00 in March for a competition fee but paid that fee in error in December. They have a $0.00 current balance. The entire amount will be refunded. The family still owes the fee in March, so the balance will increase to $75.00.

Process a Refund

  1. Click the R on the payment line.
    • The Post Date and Refund Method are pre-filled and cannot be edited for an ePayment refund (refund to card).
  2. Add a Note for reference.
  3. Check the Competition Fee and leave the amount at 75.00.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Due in the Are Fees Still Due? window because the family still owes the $75.00 competition fee. 
  6. Click Submit Refund.

Family Transaction Tab View

  • A Refund - Overpayment has been added and is linked to the original payment.
  • The family balance is increased to $75.00.
  • The R icon is no longer visible for the payment because it has been completely refunded.
  • The competition fee is unlinked and still owed.