Refunds - An Overview

What is a Refund?

In Jackrabbit, a refund is defined as when a customer is returned real monies, rather than being given an account credit. See Post a Non-Monetary Credit for information on posting account credits.

The way a refund is completed is dependent on the following:

  • the type of payment used originally (cash, check, credit card, bank account)
  • whether the payment will be fully or partially refunded
  • whether the family still owes the involved fee(s) or no longer owes the fee(s)

Questions to Guide You

Was the payment you'll be refunding originally made by ...

  • check or cash (non-ePayment)?
  • credit card or bank draft (ePayment)?

Is the money to be refunded ...

  • the whole amount of the original payment (full refund)?
  • only a portion of the original payment (partial refund)?

If the payment you are refunding had been partially or fully applied to a fee(s), will the customer be paying that fee(s) at a later date?

  • If the family still owes the fee(s), their balance will increase to reflect this.
  • If the family no longer owes the fee(s), their balance will not change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the difference between issuing a refund or giving an account credit?

A.  This infographic shows the difference between a Refund and an Account Credit.

  • A refund is the repayment of a sum of money to a customer.
  • Cash flow is negatively impacted.
  • Account credit is a transaction that is posted to a family's account to reduce their balance or to be used towards future fees or purchases.
  • No money is involved, cash flow is not impacted.
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