Families / Accounts

This section covers working with your families, including merging duplicate Family records and dropping unpaid families.

The Family Record

The Family record is like a file cabinet, it stores and organizes important information related to a specific family.

Add a Family (Account)

The most efficient way to add a family to Jackrabbit is to use the Quick Registration form.

Contacts in the Family Record

A family record can contain as many contacts as needed and is not limited to parents.

Edit a Family Name

Rename a family with the Family Name button in the Family record.

Delete a Family

To delete a Family record you must first drop all students and delete the Student records.

Work With All Families - View, Search, and Take Action

All Families generates a list of all active and inactive family records. Filter the grid data to take action for individual or multiple families.

User Permissions for All Families (Families menu)

These User Permissions are required to work with the All Families page.

Use Family Source & Referral Name for Marketing

Used for both Online Registration and Quick Registration form, the Source field identifies how your customers found you.

Jackrabbit's Duplicate Family Detection

Jackrabbit looks for possible duplicates when families are added through online registration or with the quick registration form.

Merge Duplicate Family Records

Duplicate family records can be combined into one using Merge Families.

Active vs Inactive Families

A family is considered active when it has at least one student enrolled in a class that has not been archived.

Problem Accounts (Families)

A family flagged as a problem account can still log in to their Parent Portal and make payments, etc., but can be prevented from enrolling in classes.

Drop Unpaid Families

Drop Unpaid Families is a function that will delete both the enrollment record and tuition fees for an unpaid student.

Family Reports

Use these reports to view data related to your families including contact listings, balance reports, and more.