User Permissions for the Time Clock

There are several User Permissions related to the Time Clock. These permissions allow a User to perform tasks such as approving time entries or editing staff compensation.

User Permissions play a crucial role in protecting your data by controlling who can access, modify, or perform specific actions in your system.  Review Protect Your Account - User Permission Guidelines for more information.

To adjust a User's permissions go to the Gear icon > Settings >  Users & Permissions > User IDs (click on a User ID) > User Permissions (left menu). Note: Users who are logged in when their permissions are changed will have to log out and back in for the changes to take effect.

Permissions Related to the Time Clock

CategoryUser Permission
Enables access to
StaffList StaffView/edit limited information in the Staff record (Summary tab, Classes tab, Picture tab, Resources tab.)
Compensation tabView/edit the fields on the Compensation tab in a Staff record.
Time Card and Portal Settings tabView/edit the fields on the Time Card tab in a Staff record.
View/edit the fields on the Portal Settings tab in a Staff record.
Pay Rate ReportView the Pay Rate report.
Add Time EntryAdd a time entry for a staff person using the Add Time Entry button in their Staff record.
Staff PortalGuided Staff Portal Setup, Edit All Portal Logins, and Edit All Staff SettingsEdit logins and settings for several staff at once using the Guided Staff Portal Setup (Gear icon > Set Up).
Edit logins for several staff at once using Edit All Portal Logins (Staff menu > Staff Portal).
Edit portal settings for several staff at once using Edit All Staff Settings (Staff menu > Staff Portal).
Staff Portal SettingsView/edit Portal Settings (Staff menu > Staff Portal).
Approve/Unapprove TimeView/edit Approve/Unapprove Time (Staff menu > Time Clock).
Edit Actual Hours in Approve TimeEdit the total time under the Actual Hours column when approving time.
Close Pay Period and Export to PayrollClose out a Pay Period (Staff menu > Time Clock).
Export staff hours to payroll (Staff menu > Time Clock). 
Edit Department and Staff NewsView/edit Department News (Staff menu > Staff Portal).
View/edit Staff News (Staff menu > Staff Portal).
Launch Staff PortalLaunch the Staff Portal (Staff menu > Staff Portal).
Manage Incomplete Time EntriesWork with time entries that are not complete (time in but no time out) using Incomplete Time Entries (Staff menu > Time Clock).
Access to All Time Clock DepartmentsView/edit time entries for all Departments.
Time Report and Staff Portal LoginID ReportView the Time report (Staff menu > Staff Reports)  to see hours by Location and Department.
View the Staff Portal Login ID report (Staff menu > Staff Reports) to see a listing of staff with their Staff Portal information.  
Staff Time Audit ReportView the Staff Time Audit Report (Staff menu > Staff Reports) for a record of activity in the Time Clock.
Staff Here Now ReportView Staff Here Now (Staff menu > Staff Reports) to see all staff with a Time In but not a Time Out for the current day.

See Permissions for Jackrabbit Users for more information.