Log in to Jackrabbit - Login Pages Defined

As a Jackrabbit User, you may need to log in to multiple places, depending on your role. Understanding what you need to accomplish will help with where to go and when! 

  • Jackrabbit User Login - primarily used by owners, managers, and office staff for daily tasks.
  • Staff Portal Login - primarily used by instructors and coaches for attendance, time clock, skills, and much more!
  • Billing Portal Login - used by the owner or administrator to update billing and contact information for your Jackrabbit subscription.
  • Parent Portal Login - used by your families to enroll, make payments, agree to legal policies, and more.

Click a section below to access login URLs, instructions, and more.

Jackrabbit User Login

The Jackrabbit User Login is the command center for owners, managers, and office staff to access your Jackrabbit account. 

Log in to Jackrabbit at https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/jr4.0/Login using your Jackrabbit User ID.

Staff Portal Login

The Staff Portal provides a secure place for your staff to view class and events schedules, use the time clock, enter availability, record student attendance, and much more.

To log in to the Staff Portal, copy/paste the link below, replacing the XXXXXX with your Organization ID:


The Forgot your password? link on the Staff Portal does not reset passwords for Staff matched to a Jackrabbit User ID who use their Jackrabbit User ID to log in to the Staff Portal. These users should go to the Jackrabbit User ID login page and use the Forgot Password link there to reset their password.

Billing Portal Login

Owners and administrators can keep track of Jackrabbit subscription billing information in the Billing Portal.

To access the Billing Portal, go to Gear (icon) > Account > My Account >Billing (left menu) and click the Billing Portal

Before using the Billing Portal for the first time, you will need to set up your password.

Parent Portal Login

The Parent Portal is where families can make payments, enroll students, agree to policies, and more.

To access the Parent Portal, copy/paste the link below, replacing the XXXXXX with your Organization ID: