Student Reports

Use these reports to work with data related to your students including, attendance, skill, and more.

Student Attendance Report

Whether your organization is set to track attendance or absences, this report lets you see attendance metrics for your students.

Student Skills/Levels Search Report

The Student Skills/Levels Search report creates a list of student skill/level details and can be generated for a group of students or for an individual student.

Who's Scheduled To Be Here Report

The Who's Scheduled to be Here report offers a quick way to list all students enrolled in classes on a specific date.

Student Detail Report

With the Student Detail report, you can customize a student report with filters including age, birth month, gender, and classes they are enrolled in.

Student Info Sheets

This report displays address and contact information, medical fields, and roll notes. Display Settings allow you to include additional information such as the student picture or User-defined Fields.

Print Student Labels

The Student Labels report creates mailing labels specifically designed for Avery 5160 labels.

Measurement Worksheet

Measurement Worksheets can be printed and used to record student measurements before entering the measurements into Jackrabbit.