Learn about all things students including the Skills feature and tracking attendance.

The Student Record

The Student record is like a file cabinet, it stores and organizes important information related to a specific student.

Add a Student

From within Jackrabbit, adding a student to an existing family is as simple as clicking the Add Student button in the Family record.

Add a Student's Picture to the Student Record

A student's photo can be added to their record from several areas in Jackrabbit.

Delete a Student

Before a student can be deleted from Jackrabbit they must be dropped from any classes they are enrolled in.

Gender Options in Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit offers the ability to customize how gender is handled in your system, allowing you to make all students feel welcome at your facility.

Work with All Students - View, Search, and Take Action

All Students, located in the Students (menu), generates a list of all active and inactive student records. Filter the grid data to take action for individual or multiple students.

Assign Sizes / Measurements to Students

Student sizes can be entered directly into Jackrabbit or recorded on a Measurement Worksheet for later entry.

Change Student Grade Levels

The Grade Level field on the Student Summary tab can be increased or decreased by one grade level for all students at once.

Track Immunizations for Students and Staff

Use Jackrabbit to keep track of your student's immunization records.

The Self Check-in Feature - Take Attendance & Increase Parent Engagement

The Self Check-in feature allows parents and students to skip the front desk and efficiently record their attendance directly in Jackrabbit.

Track Your Students' Attendance

Jackrabbit offers two options for tracking student attendance, so you can choose the way that works best for you.

Student Skills/Levels

Student Skills, also called Levels, can be used to show student progress for skills learned in class.

Student Reports

Use these reports to work with data related to your students including, attendance, skill, and more.