Print Student Labels

The Student Labels report, found under the Students (menu) > Student Reports, creates mailing labels specifically designed for Avery 5160 labels.

  • Print costume bag labels by using Select Enrolled classes in the search criteria.
  • Print mailing labels for students with birthdays by selecting the appropriate birthday month in the criteria.

Print Student Labels

  1. Go to the Students (menu) > Student Reports > Student Labels
  2. Select the criteria for the report.
  3. Click Submit.
    • A label page is generated for you to print.
    • For Costume Labels - More detailed labels can be created by exporting a Student Costume Listing Report to Excel and merging the data into a Word Mail Merge document.

This report opens in your default PDF Reader (Adobe, Foxit, Google) for printing purposes. Ensure that your printer is properly loaded with Avery 5160 labels. If your labels are not aligning you may need to adjust the page handling options. The options vary between PDF readers. You may need to set "Page Scaling = None", use "Custom Scale = 100%", or turn off "Fit to Page".