The Executive Dashboard

A customizable home screen for your Jackrabbit database.

The Executive Dashboard - An Overview

The Executive Dashboard keeps you aware of critical performance indicators as well as making staff aware of tasks and announcements.

The Weekly Calendar - Your Command Central

The Weekly Class Calendar is your class command center where you can add classes, enroll students, find openings, and more!

Dashboard Alerts

The Alerts section of the Executive Dashboard offers quick links to important information including upcoming birthdays, scheduled emails, and more.

Revenue Summary on the Dashboard

The Revenue Summary graph on the Executive Dashboard illustrates current vs previous year revenue.

Dashboard Tasks

Tasks on the Executive Dashboard allow you to assign tasks to your staff and monitor their progress.

Aged Accounts on the Dashboard

Aged Accounts on the Executive Dashboard is a summary of all unpaid fees broken down by the number of days outstanding.

Key Metrics on the Dashboard

The Key Metrics section of the Executive Dashboard offers quick links to enrollment information.

Announcements on the Dashboard

Located on the Executive Dashboard, Announcements can be used to keep your Jackrabbit Users advised of important information.

Keep up with Enhancements on the Dashboard

The Enhancements section of the Executive Dashboard lists Jackrabbit's most recent enhancements by release date.