Update my 30-day Free Trial to a Jackrabbit Subscription

When you are ready to move from your 30-day free trial to a paid Jackrabbit subscription, the Jackrabbit Billing Team will need you to confirm and submit your Business Information and agree to Jackrabbit's Terms and Conditions. To supply this information to the Billing Team, click the green Sign Up button on the Executive Dashboard.

This will open up the Sign Up form where you can enter the required information.

The Trial Expires counter on the Executive Dashboard reminds you how many days you have left in your free trial.

You will likely have entered a lot of information into your Free Trial and you don't want to lose it! When you use the Sign Up option, the Billing Team will convert the Trial database to a subscription without you losing any of your data!

Note: Do not create a new Free Trial on our brochure site (jackrabbitclass.com), as this is intended for clients who have not had a Free Trial, and it will create a brand new database without your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Our current data has significantly changed from when we started the Free Trial. What should I do?

A.  We can "delete out" the previously imported data. Then you can send us updated files, which we will import as part of our free import service.

If your Free Trial has expired, and you wish to move to a Jackrabbit subscription, email our Onboarding Team at info@jackrabbittech.com and one of our Reps will get your Free Trial extended so that you will be able to login and use the Sign Up option.