Enter Student Absences from the All Classes Grid

When Jackrabbit is set to track absences, you can enter absences and schedule makeups from the Classes (menu) > All Classes grid. 

  1. Go to the Classes (menu) > All Classes.
  2. Click the row menufor the class > select Enter Absences. This will open the Enter Absences page for the selected class.

  3. Enter the absences for the class.
    • Edit the Absence Date as needed (defaults to the current date).
    • If you are allowing the student to makeup the class, enter the last date the class can be made up in the Makeup Expiration Date. Learn more about makeups.
    • Select the Absent? checkbox for the appropriate student. To mark all students absent, select the checkbox in the Absent? column header.  
    • If applicable, select Eligible for Makeup. If all students are absent and eligible to makeup the class select the checkbox in the Eligible for Makeup column header.
    • Add Notes with the reason for the absence.
  4. Click Save Changes.

View Absence History - Delete a Recorded Absence

A student's absence history for a class can be viewed from the Absences tab in the Class record. 

  • Use the link for the number of absences in the # Absences column to open the Absence History page. 
  • Use the Trash Can icon to delete an absence record.

Learn about the options for reporting on student absences and makeups.