Transaction Reports

Jackrabbit reports related to transactions (payments, refunds, and credits).

Search Transactions

With this powerful report, you can use multiple filters to locate specific transactions in your database.

Locate Unlinked /Uncategorized Payment Reports

Locate unlinked and unapplied payments.

Transaction Listing Report

Select multiple filters to provide you with a list of transactions.

Transaction Sub-type Listing Report

Use this report to see a listing of transactions that is sorted by Transaction Types and Sub-types.

Transaction Summary Report

The Transaction Summary Report provides a summary of transactions that occurred during a specific time frame you select.

Terminal ePayment Exception Report

This report displays a listing of all EMV (chip credit card) payments, made in the last 7 days, that have not been linked to a Family record.

Tuition Not Posted Report

Use this report to locate students who are enrolled in classes but no tuition fees have been posted to their account.