Event Enrollment via the Parent Portal (Existing Customers)

To allow your existing customers to enroll in Events through their portals go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings (tab), and make sure the Event Registration checkbox in the left menu is selected.

Once a parent logs into their portal, they can select the Classes & Events option the in top menu to access the Find Events page.

When opened, the page is automatically filtered for the age ranges of the students in the family's record and to show only events at the family's Location. With this, the only classes displayed are those with min and max age restrictions the students fall into that are located at their Location. The filters can be removed to show all events regardless of Location or the age settings by toggling the Show me events at... button to All Locations or the Show me classes for... button to All Ages.

The event listings can be further filtered and sorted to narrow down the results. 

Sort OptionsFilter Options
  • By date of event
  • By event ages
  • Alphabetically by location
  • By price (event fee)
  • Date range
  • Age
  • Location
  • Instructor
  • Price range

When the parent selects an event from the list shown, they are taken to the Event Details page where information about the event is displayed. If they wish to enroll a student(s) into the event they will click the Add to Cart button.

If you have set the Event Type to require a credit card, and the family does not have one on file, a message will alert the parent that a saved credit card is required before enrolling. The parent will need to go to the Billing & Payments page to save a payment method before they will be able to add the event to their cart.

The Enroll page is where the parent will select a student, or multiple students, from the list of eligible students shown by selecting the checkbox next to their name. 

They will also be asked to answer the event questions you have defined and can optionally add information they feel is relevant in the Additional Info > Comments section. Note: If two or more students are enrolled separately in an event through the Parent Portal and answer questions each time, the last student's answers override all others.

Before they can select the event the parent will be required to agree to the policies you outlined in the Event Type.

A confirmation that the event has been added to their cart will display in a pop-up.

Adding an event to the cart does NOT COMPLETE the event enrollment.

At this point, the event is only added to the cart and the parent is taken back to the listing where they can select another event and add them to their cart.

When all desired events have been added to the cart, the parent must click on the cart icon in the top menu and click the Enroll Now button to complete the enrollments. 

A confirmation email is sent to the registrant and also to your organization. This email is sent to the Notification Email address designated on the Event Type > Summary tab.

The Portal enrollment is viewable from the Family record> Misc tab > View Registrations.  It is also logged in Reports (menu) > Find Reports > Families/Students >  Recommended (tab) > Parent/Customer Portal Log.

Instructors for Events do not automatically receive an email enrollment notification. Event enrollments can be viewed on the My Schedule tab in the Staff Portal (see View Events Schedule). In addition, the instructor's email address can be added to the Notification Email(s) on the Event Type > Summary tab.