Assign a Family Discount (Billing Info tab)

When you use Post Tuition Fees (from the Transactions menu), you can have a Family Discount applied to the tuition fees. This is often used for volunteers, staff, etc. that are given a discount over and above any multi-class or multi-student discounts that you offer. 

The Family Discount, which can be a dollar amount or a percentage, is applied to the tuition amount after your other discounts have been calculated and applied.

Add or Update a Discount to an Individual Family

  1. Select the Billing Info tab in the Family record.
  2. Enter a discount in the Family Discount field  (the discount can be an amount or a percentage).
  3. Select the Discount Type (Amount or Percentage).
  4. Assign an Exp Date (optional).
  5. Add a Note (optional).
  6. Click Save Changes.

Add or Update a Discount for a Group of Families

  1. Go to the Families (menu) > All Families and filter as needed.
  2. Select all the families in the grid by leaving the 1st column checkboxes blank or check the 1st column checkboxes for the families you would like to update in a group.
  3. Click the More (icon)> Family Discount.
  4. Enter Amount, Expires (optional expiration date), and select the Discount Type from the drop-down list. Use the toggle to remove any family discounts.
  5. Click Update. All selected families will have their Family Discount updated.

Important to Note

  • Family Discounts are not deducted from Family Fixed Fees.
  • Family Discounts are deducted from Student Fixed Fees. The discount is posted after all Student Fixed Fees are entered. Example: A family has two students and both students have a Fixed Fee of $100. The Family Discount is $10.00. Both Student Fixed Fees are posted at $100 each. The discount of $10 is subtracted from the total ($100 + $100 -$10=$190).
  • Family Discounts are only applied when using Post Tuition Fees from the Transactions menu. Parent Portal enrollments and enrollments done from within Jackrabbit do not include the Family Discount.
  • You can set the Family Discount to expire on a specified date. After an expiration date has passed, the discount will be ignored when posting tuition fees.