Keep Your Business Hopping with Jackrabbit

Many businesses including youth activity centers are seasonal. Your business may not align with the natural seasons of the year, however, it’s important to take advantage of each season - a season to create, to grow, and to rest.  

Keep your business hopping as each season changes; take the time to review and refresh to make the most of your Jackrabbit account. The resources and tips below will help you prepare for reopening if you have been temporarily closed, or you want to refresh your business for the next season. Jackrabbit is here to help!

Things to Consider

Will you need to make changes to classes/events offered for the upcoming season? 
Running enrollment reports and comparing enrollment can help you spot enrollment trends. You may want to modify your class schedule for the upcoming season.

Is your business set to reopen after a prolonged closure? 
In addition to the information provided here, check out our Road to Reopening guide to help you as you make this transition.

Are all family accounts up-to-date?  
Everything changes with time. This is especially true with family information. Help keep your business running smoothly by periodically requesting your families update their information. 

Do your website or class listings tables need a refresh? 
Maybe your website is looking a little tired or out-of-date? You want to be sure the content is fresh and consistent and it's important to include a call-to-action.

Things to Do

Review these key areas to help you create a plan to update and refresh your business for the upcoming season. Expand each section to see more information.


Run & Analyze 
Enrollment Reports

There are several Enrollment Reports that have been created to give you insights into current and historical class enrollment. It's helpful to create enrollment benchmarks, look for areas to improve drop rates, and where you can make additional improvements.

Analyze enrollment to look for low enrollment, high waitlists and to recognize seasonal trends to help of the Enrollment Detail Report.

Create Your Class Schedule

Now may be the best time to consider combining classes, or offer new and different types of classes. You want to maximize staffing and increase enrollment. Use Class Calendars to review your class schedule and decide on changes. Classes can be added right from the calendar!

Archive Inactive Classes

It's a best practice to Archive a Single Class or Archive a Group of Classes when they are no longer active and all tuition has been posted. Your student records will remain accurate, tuition fees won't post in error, and inactive classes won't "accidentally" appear on your website in your Class Listings Tables.

Email Students in an Archived Class to let them know about a new class offering!

Update Apparel/Costumes/Supplies

The Costume (Apparel) Management module can help you manage your costumes, apparel, equipment, supplies, or materials.

Contact our Support Team to clear this information from all class records.


Apply Payment to Fees

Check for unapplied payments and link fees to payments to help avoid confusion, avoid errors when collecting from your families, and give the payment a Category 1 (or revenue bucket) for accurate revenue reports.

Review & Update
Family/Student Fixed Fees

Fixed Fees give you the option to post a fixed tuition amount to students and/or families. Review and update fixed fees on a regular basis to maximize revenue.

  • Find fixed fees with the All Families and All Students pages and update multiple families at once using the More (icon) in the grid.
Update User-Defined Fields

Create user-defined customized fields to capture and store family/student information that is not part of the Family or Student records, for example, association membership information, coupon codes, etc. 

  • Clear one or more user-defined fields using the More (icon) for filtered families or students on the All Families and All Students grids.
  • Require new families to add information when enrolling in the Online Registration Form.
  • Require existing families to update their user-defined fields in the Parent Portal.
Update Student Grade Levels

Maintaining student grade levels can help you stay up-to-date with reports and skills. If you are not using custom grade levels, you can mass update grade levels for all students.

Update Family/Student Information

Family and Student information may be incomplete or outdated. This could lead to critical missed information.

Review & Update Policies (Legalese)

It's very important your company policies and/or waivers are kept up-to-date.

Move Families to the
Lead File

Your monthly subscription is based on the number of active and inactive students you have in your account. Sending inactive families who haven't been active for more than 18 months to the Lead File will lower your monthly cost. 

Learn what information is retained when a family is archived to the Lead File.

Additional Considerations

Review & Refresh 
Your Website

Having an online presence is a proven way to help your business grow! Refreshing your website with an updated theme, new marketing approaches, etc. can increase engagement and enrollment.

Social Media

Follow Jackrabbit and Stay Connected with the Jackrabbit Facebook Users Group, Jackrabbit Blog, and other social media to collaborate with your peers in similar industries. It's also a great way to keep up with Jackrabbit updates.

Online Jackrabbit 
Staff Training

We offer several Staff Training Options including a self-guided Jackrabbit Training System for both you and your staff. Staff members can also get Jackrabbit certified!

Stay in Touch with Your Families

Whether your class schedule has changed, you've implemented new policies, or you require your customers to update their account information, Jackrabbit makes it easy to communicate.

What's the best way to reach out to your tech-savvy and socially-minded millennial parents? Check out this blog, How to Connect with Millennial Parents, for some great marketing and messaging techniques.

Email Your Families/Accounts

Emailing is a great way to reach out to your families. You can request they update their family information or send them a reminder to log into the Parent Portal to agree to policies, view announcements, or enroll in classes for the upcoming season.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is designed to help you stay connected with your families when it's most convenient for them! You can send a public message to all families, send a private message to specific families, and so much more.

If you have questions about the information included in this guide, click theicon in Jackrabbit to request assistance, or Click Here to book a call with one of our Support Specialists.