Spot TV - Offer Online Streaming to your Families!

Spot TV is the Industry's leading secure live HD streaming and video management program uniquely designed for youth programs, sports, art centers, and more! Jackrabbit and Spot TV's exclusive partnership enhances options for your families.

  • Keep your families connected and involved without the needed floor space, foot traffic, or distractions.
  • Manage parent access via the Spot TV online administrative dashboard.
  • Real-time access during class time lets parents watch their child's progress using the Jackrabbit Parent Portal.
  • Multiple locations across the U.S. and Canada are supported by the Spot TV and Jackrabbit partnership.

In addition to all the benefits you can offer your families, Spot TV creates a revenue stream opportunity for your organization and gives you a competitive edge. Who doesn't want to watch their kids on TV!

How Spot TV Works with Jackrabbit

Contact Spot TV to schedule a demo and to request a quote. They will review your needs, decide the best options for your business, and provide a customized onboarding experience for you with their team of experts.

  • Once you have set up your account with Spot TV they will connect with us to fully integrate Spot TV with Jackrabbit. Our specially-trained support team connects your Jackrabbit account to your Spot TV account.
  • Manage your Spot TV camera groups in Jackrabbit by going to the Classes (menu) > Spot TV > Groups.
  • Parents can manage their family account with you in the Parent Portal AND watch their loved ones with Spot TV!

Expand each section below for more details about Spot TV and Jackrabbit.

Create & Manage Spot TV Camera Groups

After the setup is complete and Spot TV has been added to your Jackrabbit account, it's time to create and manage your camera groups.

  1. Go to the Classes (menu) > Spot TV > Groups.
  2. Click the Settings (icon)to open the Spot TV Group Editor window to modify the groups at that location. Any changes made to your groups are done in real-time.

    Create a Group
    1. Click the Create Group (icon) to add a group. This opens the Group Editor.
    2. Add a New Name for the group.
    3. Click on the camera views from the left column, use the arrows to place the camera view, or drag and drop, into the right column.
    Modify an Existing Group
    1. Click the Pencil (icon) to open the Group Editor and edit an existing group.
    2. Click on the camera views from the left column, use the arrows to add the camera view, or drag and drop, into the right column. Move a camera view from right to left to remove it. 

    Note: Double arrows move all the camera views from one column over.

    Remove a Group

    Click the Trash Can (icon) to delete a group.

User Permission for Spot TV

There is one User permission for Spot TV and it defaults to on (checked for all Users). Uncheck the permission if you do not want a User to make changes to your Spot TV groups or classes.

User Permission
PartnersManage Spot TVAbility to create Spot TV Groups and assign Groups to Jackrabbit Classes

Assign Camera Groups to Classes

After you have created the camera groups (previous section), it's time to assign the groups to classes.

  1. Go to Classes (menu) > All Classes and locate the class or use the global search at the top of each page.
  2. Click the Summary (tab) and locate the Spot TV Group drop-down.
  3. Select a group that was created in the Group Editor for the class.

  4. Click Save Changes
    • The class information including class name, days the class meets, and class time are sent to Spot TV.
    • All enrolled students in the class will have a badge next to the class in the Parent Portal, this indicates parents' will have access to the live stream for that class during the designated class time.

Create Parent Portal Login Credentials

Parents should follow these instructions to create their Spot TV account. This will enable them to access Spot TV in their Jackrabbit Parent Portal.

  • Click the Parent button.
  • Enter or select My Center's Name and click Next Step.
  • Complete Step 2 and click Next Step.
  • Complete Step 3 and click Next Step.
  • Complete Step 4, enter a Username and Password. Click Submit.
  • Success confirmation page. Once your organization receives the account request, and you approve it, an email is sent to the parent's email address entered in this workflow.

View Spot TV in the Parent Portal

The authorized parent or contact with login credentials for Spot TV and the Parent Portal will have access to watch live stream classes.

  • Watch Spot TV during an active class - Click on the Spot TV (icon). The active class will be visible in the main window. In the case of multiple classes running concurrently, or a room with multiple cameras, select which class or view from the menu on the left.

  • Identify class days/time in the Parent Portal - A Spot TV badge is located above the class information. The badge indicates the class has Spot TV activated. In addition, when you click on Find Classes, the class list will show a Spot TV badge for all classes that are Spot TV enabled.

Spot TV is accessible in the Jackrabbit Parent Portal (preferred), at the Spot TV website, and in the Spot TV Family app available from the App Store or Google Play.