Incomplete Portal Attendance Report

The Executive Dashboard displays an alert for Classes with Incomplete Staff Portal Attendance (yesterday)

This alert is regarding the previous day's classes (yesterday). With this, you can address any attendance that was not completed by the instructor while it is still fresh in their minds! Click the alert to go to the Incomplete Portal Attendance report for the previous day. 

Use the Portal Msg link to create a login message that will display on the My News page when the instructor next logs in to their Portal.

If you are set up for text messaging in Jackrabbit you will also see a link to send a text to the instructor.

To look at a range of dates the Incomplete Portal Attendance report can be generated from the Reports (menu) > Find Reports > Staff Portal (left menu) > Attendance (tab). Several other search criteria are also available to select which classes you want to look at including: Location, Class Date (from and through), Class Start and End Time, Category 1, Staff, and Room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I remove the flashing dashboard alert for incomplete portal attendance?

A.  If you are using the Attendance feature in the Staff Portal this alert will fall off the Executive Dashboard when the portal attendance for the classes has been completed. 

If you are not using the Attendance feature and would like to remove that alert go to the Staff (menu) > Staff Portal > Portal Settings. In the Features section, remove the check mark next to Attendance and Save Changes. Note: With this change, you will no longer be able to take attendance in the Staff Portal.

Save a frequently used report for quick and easy access! Click the Heart iconnext to a report name to change the heart to red and add the report to your Reports menuMy Reports.