Add Classes (Students) to the Performances in a Recital

See a short (1:26) video tutorial on how to add Classes and Students to performances in a Recital

After adding each performance, you'll add class(es) to the performances

  1. Point to Events and click List Recitals.
  2. Choose a recital from the Recital Listing.
  3. In the Recital Editor, on the left, you'll see a Select a Class column. Classes are grouped first by Location, then by Category 1. Click any plus sign [+] or double-click any Location and Category to display classes.
  4. Click any class name on the left, hold down the mouse button and drag the class to a performance on the right. When the class has been dragged to its destination, release the mouse button. Save Changes regularly. More than 1 class can be added to a single performance.
  5. After a class has been added to a performance, click the [+] sign next to the performance to view the class. Click the [+] sign next to the class to view the students. To view all performances and classes, click Expand / Collapse All.
  6. To remove a student from a performance, uncheck the box next to the student's name.