Manage the Time Clock Step 1 - Review Time Entries

If a Jackrabbit user has appropriate permissions, all time entries are viewable, for each staff member, under their Time Card tab. 

Time entries that have been approved are highlighted in yellow. Hours that have been split are highlighted in brown and when the hours are displayed in red, it indicates that the actual hours have been changed.

Time entries may also be viewed when Approving Time or using Time Clock Reports.

Incomplete Time Entries

Any staff person that doesn't have an out time for the day is considered an Incomplete Time Entry. To find Incomplete Time Entries, go to Staff (menu) > Time Clock > Incomplete Time Entries.   It is important to go through these regularly to find staff with incomplete time entries.

You can either enter individual Out Times for each Incomplete Time Entry, or if all the Incomplete Time Entries checked out at the same time, enter the time in the Set Out-Time for all Incomplete Time Entries field. This is a global box, so all Incomplete Time Entries will be marked with this time. Save Changes.

Incomplete Time Entries are also displayed on the Executive Dashboard in the Alerts section. Clicking this link also opens the Incomplete Time Entries Report.