User Permissions Required for the Store

Several User Permissions control the ability to access features related to the store. The first six permissions automatically default to Yes for all Users. The View Item Cost in List Items permission automatically defaults to No.

User Permissions play a crucial role in protecting your data by controlling who can access, modify, or perform specific actions in your system.  Review Protect Your Account - User Permission Guidelines for more information.

To adjust a User's permissions, go to the Gear icon > Settings > Users & Permissions > User IDs (click on a UserID) > User Permissions (left menu) to set the permissions. Note: If a User is logged in when changes are made to their permissions, they'll have to log out and back in for the changes to take effect.

Permissions Related to the Store

CategoryUser Permissions
Enables access to
StoreStore MenuView the Store Menu.
Add/Edit ItemsAbility to add and edit Items.
Edit Item Price/End Price in Make a SaleEdit Item Price and End Price amount in Make a Sale.
View Store ReportsView the Store Reports.
Add/Edit Store AccountsAdd and edit Store Accounts.
Add/Edit Store VendorsAdd and edit Vendors.
View Item Cost in List ItemsView the Item Cost in List Items.

See Permissions for Jackrabbit Users for more information.