Family Reports

Use these reports to view data related to your families including contact listings, balance reports, and more.

Aged Accounts Summary Report (Who Owes you Money)

The Aged Accounts Summary report provides a breakdown of unpaid fees by family.

Family Balance Summary Report

The Family Balance Summary report provides you with a list of families with basic information and account balances based on filters (Search Criteria) you select.

Aged Fees Report (Who Owes you Money - Detail)

The Aged Accounts Details report provides you with a list of aged unpaid fees, by family, using the filters (Search Criteria) you select.

Statements / Invoices

Create statements in either print or email format to outline fees, payments, and balance owing on your family accounts.

Family ePayment Listing Report

The Family ePayment Listing report provides a list of families based on Membership Type, ePayment Method, ePayment Schedule, and Credit Card Type as selected in the Search Criteria.

Email Listing Report

The Email Listing report will display contact and student email addresses from the Family record based on search criteria you choose.

Family Address Listing Report

This report generates a listing of families selected with your chosen search criteria and can include information such as address, email address, and more.

Contact Listing Report

The Contact Listing report provides you with a list of contacts based on filters (search criteria) you select.

Family Mailing Labels

This report prepares mailing labels specifically designed for Avery 5160 labels.