Preview and Post Tuition Fees (Post Tuition Fees Feature)

Once you have selected the criteria and settings that will pull in the families you want to bill, it is time to Preview Tuition Fees. Learn more about the criteria and settings for Post Tuition Fees - By Class Fee or Post Tuition Fees - By Total Hours.

The Post Tuition Fees feature includes a robust preview capability to give you peace of mind; edit or make any necessary changes before you push that Post Fees button! 

The Preview Tuition Fees page shows the details for how discounts and/or prorating was calculated if applicable. Links are provided to the Family record, the Student record, and the Class record.

When you have reviewed the tuition fees in the preview and are happy that everything is as it should be, click the Post Fees button to post the transactions to the family accounts.

We recommend using Advanced Detection to help avoid billing errors. Detect possible duplicate fees or fees set to post for students who have been enrolled and dropped in a non prorated class during the Billing Cycle.

Fee Details

Select the icon in the Details column to open the fee details.

Using the Tuition Fee from the Class record (Summary tab), the price of the class is $80.

  • No prorating was applied to the fee.
  • No discounts were applied to the fee.
  • Tax was added to the fee at 6.75%, per your tax settings.
Using the Tuition Fee from the Fee Schedule, the base price for a one hour class is $50 and the price for 2 hours of classes is $90.

  • Elijah takes 2 one hour classes each week and receives the hours discount which is split between the classes*.
  • He has a family discount for Facility cleanings and receives an additional 25% (applied after hours discount).
  • He receives a Club Member discount of 2% (applied after hours and family discounts).
  • Taxes are applied to tuition (after discounts) based on the tax settings.

*Because the 1st class is the same duration as the 2nd class, the hours discount of $10 is divided equally between the two classes (Base Tuition Fee per class is $50 x 2 = $100. Fee for two hours per fee schedule is $90. $100 - $90 = $10. $10 ÷ 2 classes = $5 discount per class. 

Posted Fees Confirmation

Once fees are posted to the accounts, you will see a green confirmation box. Use the quick link to view all the tuition fees that were completed and posted in the batch.

If you post a tuition batch in error, use Delete Tuition Fees, from the Transactions menu, to delete them.