Edit a Bank Account on a Family

To edit a bank account on a Family record:

  1. In the Family record, select the Billing Info tab.
  2. Changes to the Bank Name, Bank Transit #, Institution ID, Account Type, and Account Name can be made on this page. Save Changes.
  3. Select the Edit Bank Account Info button to edit the Bank Account #.
  4. In the Edit Bank Account window, select Enter/Change Acct #.
  5. Type the new number in the Enter New Bank Acct# field and Save.

The address associated with the bank account is taken from the contact who has Billing Contact set to Yes on their contact record. 

To change the address associated with the bank account:

  1. In the Family record, select the Contacts tab.
  2. Select the View link for the contact designated as the Billing Contact (Yes in the Billing Contact column).
  3. Update the address details in the contact record.
  4. Save Changes.