Drop or Transfer a Student

This category covers all the details to drop or transfer students from classes.

Drop an Individual Student from a Class

Dropping a student from a class indicates the student is no longer attending/taking the class.

Mass Drop Students from Classes

Steps described here to mass drop an entire enrollment for one or more classes.

Future Drop Dates

Set up a future drop date to automatically drop a student from a class. The student remains enrolled in the class until the drop date.

Transfer a Student to Another Class

When you transfer a student from one class to attend another, they are dropped from their current class and enrolled into the new class on the dates you assign.

Report/Track Dropped and Transferred Students

Use the Drop History Report and the Enrollment Detail Report to track and report on dropped and transferred students.

Mass Drop All Classes for a Family/Student

Jackrabbit allows you to drop all classes for students in a family or for a single student when the drop date, drop reason, and drop notes are the same.

User Permissions for Mass Drop All Classes

There are several User Permissions that control the ability to mass drop all classes from a Student or Family record.