Event Registration via the Event Calendar (New Customers)

Once you have created your events and linked your Event Calendar to your website, this is the typical workflow of online event registration:

Each event with a status of Open is shown with a live link.

  • When your customer clicks the live link, the event registration form will launch.  Note: Existing customers should log in to their Parent Portal and select Classes & Events from the menu bar, then select Find Events to enroll.

The event registration will launch.  It will allow for family or student enrollment, depending on the setting on the Event Type > Summary tab (or on the Event Date/Time record if it was changed for that specific date).  It has its own agreements (legal policies) and a Questions section that you created to capture information from the event registrant.

Your customer will fill out the form with the family/contact/student information, answer any questions you have established, agree to the event's agreements, provide payment information, and then submit the form.

An email notification containing all the details is sent to the customer and also to the Notification Email(s) indicated on the Event Type > Summary tab). 

  • Information that the customer enters in the event Additional Information text box on the registration form will be shown in the notification email that your organization receives.
  • Instructors for Events do not automatically receive an email enrollment notification. Event enrollments can be viewed on the My Schedule tab in the Staff Portal (see View Events Schedule). In addition, the instructor's email can be added to the Notification Email(s) on the Event Type > Summary tab.

The Event Registration/enrollment is logged and stored in the Family record > Misc tab under the View Registrations button. Click the View link to see the registration information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I don't see some events listed on my calendar, what should I do?

A.  If an Event (Date & Time) is not listed on your event calendar, check the following:

  • What is the Event Status? Only events with an Open, Notice, or Unavail status will display on the Event Calendar (unless you have chosen the setting for Booked Events to also display).
  • Is Display on Website set to Yes on the Event Type Summary tab? This must be set to Yes in order for the event to display on your website's Event Calendar.
  • Is Display on Internal Calendar on the Event Type Summary tab set to Yes? This must be set to Yes in order for the event to display on your internal calendar.

Q.  I would like everyone to add a contact phone number for the event, how can I do that?

A.  Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > Online Registration > Field Options/Labels (left menu) > the Contact #1 section > Home Phone and select Required from the drop-down list. Don't forget to Save Changes.