Staff and Instructors

All information related to staff and instructors, including the Staff record, assigning instructors to classes, the Time Clock, and more.

The Staff Record

The Staff record provides a centralized location to keep all information related to staff members. Each record has its own tabs, buttons, and links.

Add a Staff Member / Instructor

Adding staff / instructors to your database will allow you to assign instructors to classes.

Assign Staff / Instructors to Classes

Follow these simple steps to assign a staff member to classes.

Delete a Staff Member / Instructor

Follow this procedure to delete a staff member.

Protect Your Data When a Staff Member Leaves

Guidelines on what to do immediately after a staff member leaves your employ to protect your account data.

Remove (Unassign) Staff / Instructors from a Class

An instructor can be removed or unassigned from a class on the Instructor tab of the Class record.

Staff Timeclock

Seamlessly manage employee hours in preparation for payroll processing with the Time Clock.

Staff Availability

Make class scheduling easier by using the Staff Availability feature to track when staff are available and when they have time off.

Manage Substitute Instructors for Classes

Use the Substitutes feature in the Class record to assign substitutes for absent instructors.

Staff / Instructor Skills

Organizations can use Instructor Skills to identify which classes instructors are qualified to teach.

Staff / Instructor Certifications

How to use Staff Certification, Availability, and Compensation.

User Permissions for Staff Certifications

List of User Permissions that control the ability to set up, view & manage Staff Certifications.

Track Immunizations for Students and Staff

Use Jackrabbit to keep track of your student's immunization records.

Employee & Candidate Screening with Jackrabbit and Yardstik

Jackrabbit is partnering with Yardstik to bring you affordable and streamlined background screening.

The Staff Portal

The Staff Portal provides a secure place where staff can log in to record their time, manage class attendance, and/or student skills/levels, and more.

Staff / Instructor Reports

Use these reports to view data related to your staff including pay rates, schedules, and more.