Locate and Correct Unlinked Transactions (Fees & Payments/Credits)

Now that you understand what fee linking is and why it is important and how a payment is linked to a fee, let's take it a step further and look at how to find and fix unlinked transactions.

In order to keep your revenue records accurate, it is necessary for you to regularly check for unlinked transactions (Unpaid Fees and Unapplied Credits) and to correct any that are found. 

Run your checks at least monthly to allow you to correct errors while they are still 'fresh' and they haven't impacted your monthly reporting.

You may find payments that do not have a fee to apply to. Not to worry! This means the family has a credit (e.g., a prepaid deposit) and you will be able to apply the payment after a fee is posted.

To accommodate different workflows, there are several options for locating unlinked transactions. 

Search for unlinked transactions for multiple families at once:

Search for unlinked transactions for an individual family