Methods for Staff to Enroll a Student

There are many areas in your Jackrabbit database where your office or front desk staff can enroll a student internally.

If the family doesn't exist in your database, you can add the family and enroll a new student using the Quick Registration/Add Family form.

With the flexibility of multiple places to enroll a student, you can choose the most efficient workflow for you and your staff.

Your class openings are live in Jackrabbit and consider all places where a student can enroll into a class (Online Web Registration, Parent Portal, and staff enrolling internally). 

A student's spot is not confirmed until the enrollment process is complete. You will receive an error message before enrollment is complete if the spot has been taken by another student to prevent overbooking.

Enrollment Details

Depending on where you initiate student enrollment, the process will vary slightly. After you have searched for the class or the student, you will have a few options.

In the Enrollment Details window, you can:

  • View additional class information (class name, session, location, start and end date, days of the week, start and end time, and openings). 
  • Adjust the Enroll Date if the student is enrolling for a future date. This is only available if your database allows future enrollments.
  • Change the Enroll Type, e.g., if the student is enrolling as a trial.
  • Add a Future Drop Date if you know the student will need to drop before the class end date.
  • Select a Future Drop Reason if applicable.
  • Click Enroll Now if you are ready to process enrollment for just one class or student. 
  • Click Select More Classes if you would like to enroll the student into more than one class at once.
If you are enrolling from the class record, you will see the option to Select More Students. Use this option when more than one student in the same family wants to enroll in the selected class.

When class and student selection are complete, you can finish the enrollment process with posting fees. See our Help article Post Tuition with Enrollments from within Jackrabbit for more details.