Drop History Report

The Drop History report located under the Students (menu) > Student Reports, shows students that have dropped classes based on filters (Search Criteria) you select.

  • Run the report separately to show all drops only, only those students who transferred classes, or only the students who completed classes.
  • This report lists the drop date (including future enrollments), class, instructor, student, balance, phone, email, drop reason, and the number of days in a class.
  • Students archived to the Lead File (after 11/11/2015) will be included in the report results.
  • Send an email to all or only selected students, directly from the report results.

Save this as a frequently used report! Click the heart (icon)next to a report name, the heart will change to redand the report will be listed under the Reports (menu) > My Reports for quick and easy access!

Business Scenario

You are starting to plan for your next session's staffing needs and want to determine if any students are going to drop or transfer from classes. Additionally, you would like to email some of the students to see if you can register them into a new class.

To create this report, select the following Search Criteria: 

  • Show Drops = Drops Only and Transfers
  • Dropped From Date = Enter the date range
  • Current Student Status = blank

Report Results

Review the results and use the Email button to quickly generate an email to all, or only select, students in the report. Use the check box in the last column to select the students. Show/hide the columns as needed, in this example, 9 columns are hidden.