Next Steps to Registration, Enrollment & Tuition Billing

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  • How does Registration and Enrollment work in Jackrabbit?
  • How do Tuition Billing and Posting Fees work? What does the billing workflow look like?
  • Can I use Jackrabbit's automated features for my business?

Registration & Enrollment - Putting the Pieces Together

Student registration and class enrollment are the building blocks of your business. Jackrabbit makes it easy to manage your registrations and enrollments with powerful features to help build your schedule and open registration with ease!

Review this Topic Hub to create the processes that will work best for your business!

Tuition Billing in 4 Steps - Fine Tune Your Process

It's important to be sure the right fees are posted to families, and the correct amount of revenue is processed. Jackrabbit offers tuition settings and fee posting options to accommodate how you run your business. There are 4 steps in the tuition billing process to guarantee all the pieces for billing fit.

Review this Topic Hub to help take some stress out of billing!

Automate Tasks to Save Time & Money

Use Jackrabbit's technology to complete repetitive tasks to save time, eliminate human error, and ensure accuracy and consistency!

Review this Topic Hub to learn all the automated processes in Jackrabbit and how they can work for you and your business.

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