Costumes (Apparel) Management - An Overview

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The name of this Jackrabbit function is dependent on the edition of Jackrabbit and on the settings your organization has chosen in Tools > Edit Settings > Costume/Apparel Module Settings. While this function was originally designed with dance studios in mind (for recital costuming), it can also be used to order Supplies and Equipment. For simplicity, this section uses the term costume throughout, however costume, apparel, equipment, and supplies can be considered interchangeable terms throughout this topic and throughout your Jackrabbit database.

The ability for a User to see and work with the Costume Management module requires specific permissions using Tools > Manage Users & Permissions. If Costume Management is not located under the Tools menu, ensure that the appropriate user permissions are set.

Jackrabbit's Costume Management module makes the job of ordering costumes for special events much easier! It offers an integrated method of organizing costume orders, so they can be sent to selected vendors in a clear and concise format. The Costume Management module has:

  • the ability to set up and manage Vendors (Tools > Costume Management)
  • the ability to set up and manage Vendor Size Charts (Tools > Costume Management)
  • the ability to add costume(s) to classes (Class Costume tab)
  • the ability to auto-assign sizes based on Vendor Size Charts using Student Girth measurements (Class Costume tab > Auto-Size Costumes button)
  • the ability to manually assign sizes (Class Costume tab > Costume Sizes button)
  • the ability to create orders (Tools > Costume Management)
  • the ability to print Vendor and Costume Reports (Tools > Costume Management)
  • the ability to post costume fees to classes as deposits or in full (Tools > Costume Management)

Assigning, sizing, and ordering costumes is a simple four step process: