Create a New Recital

Watch a short (1:32) video tutorial on how to create a new recital

  1. Point to Events and click List Recital to open the recital module.
  2. Click the Create New Recital button.
  3. In the Create New Recital Pop-up box, enter a recital name and recital date. Save.
  4. Click OK when prompted.

After a recital has been created, click the Recital Name on the Recital Listings page to add the start time, end time, description, and conflict gap. The Conflict Gap is the number of performances required between a student's performances. Enter the number that represents the number of performances a student should have between their performances (to allow for costume changes, etc.). Save Changes.

Helpful Hints

  • Make changes and updates to any recital by clicking the specific Recital Name to open the Recital Editor. After making updates, Save Changes.
  • Recitals may be copied using the Copy link on the Recital Listing page.
  • Recitals may be deleted by clicking the Trash Can icon on the Recital Listings page. Note: You must have permission to see and use the Delete column. Use Tools > Manage Users & Permissions to update permissions.