Delete Items from your Store

A Store Item can be deleted using the Trash Can icon on the List Items page or with the Delete Item button in the Edit Item window. 

Store Reports are affected when a previously sold item is deleted!

  • The Sales Detail Report will still include the detail of the item's sale, however, the Item Name column will display the text *This item has been deleted* instead of the name of the item.
  • When an item is sold, Jackrabbit automatically adds the item name to the Notes field of the sale transaction. If this field is not edited, you will be able to see what the deleted item was.
  • The sale of the deleted item will no longer be reported on the Store Profit Report.
  • The sale of the deleted item will no longer be reported on the Store Item Tax Report.

As a Best Practice, change the Store Item's status from Active to Inactive instead of deleting the item.

  • Sales of inactive items are included in all Store reports.
  • Inactive items no longer appear in the Search/Select Item screen when making a sale.
  • Inactive items are not included in the Executive Dashboard alert Items at or below Re-Order Alert Qty.

You are able to filter your list of items (from the Store menu > Items) using the Item Status setting. Use the Pencil icon to see the information for the Inactive Item.